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PADONGO, PADER DISTRICT, UGANDA, JUNE 23, 2006 :  Food distribution day in Patongo, by World Vision on behalf of WFP. Jane Adong is one of the rare ARV recipient in Patongo  and she shows the drug regimen she must take every day in Padongo IDPs camp in Pader District , Uganda on June 23, 2006. She works as a teacher and loves to give music lessons to the school choir. ARV drugs are not yet available in the area because of the ongoing civil war waged by the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) in Northern Uganda. There are aproximatly 30 to 35,000 internally displaced people living in Patongo IDP camp and  over a million living in different camps because of the civil war waged by the LRA in Northern Uganda.  (Photo by Jean-Marc Giboux)