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PADONGO, PADER DISTRICT, UGANDA, JUNE 19, 2006 :  Albinus Ladiki teaches mathematics in a school in Padongo IDPs camp in Pader District , Uganda on June 19, 2006. Jane Adong and Albinus Lakidi lead the Gwokke Keni PHA Network, a support group for people with Hiv-Aids, in the IDP (Internally displaced people) camp in Padongo. There are over a million IDPs living in such camps because of the civil war waged by the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) in Northern Uganda. Gwokke Keni is a community group organized by HIV positive IDPs in Padongo to promote testing, counseling and advocate for their rights and access to medical treatment. Most HIV positive people living in the civil war area of Northern Uganda do not get access to ARV drugs. (Photo by Jean-Marc Giboux)