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MORADABAD, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA - MARCH 8, 2002 : Polio vaccination teams walk door to door in Moradabad to immunize children under 5 against polio. The region has a high muslim population and some communities have been refusing to vaccinate their children believing it is a plot to sterilize moslems. Moradabad is the worst district in India as far as polio transmittion. Most polio cases in India are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, but Western Uttar Pradesh is the only area in India where polio transmittion has never been interrupted and most wild polio virus on the subcontinent originate from the region. India is organizing national and regional polio immunization campaigns every 2 months in Uttar Pradesh in an agressive effort to terminate polio transmittion .  In 2004, India had 136 confirmed new polio cases  in 44 districts, down from 1600 cases in 159 districts in 2002 .(Photo by Jean-Marc Giboux)