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.RAMNAGAR, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA - OCTOBER 9, 2005 : The Ramlila drama takes place in the vast field of Lanka with the giant effigy of Kumbhakarna, brother of Demon-God Ravana, on day 23 of the Ramlila, October 9, 2005. The Ramlila is the play of the Hindu scripture 'the Ramayana', writen by Tulsidas in Varanasi, which depict the adventures of the god Ram and his flight aginst the Demon God Ravana. The Ramlila of Ramnagar has been organized by the Maharaja of Benares since the early 1800s and is still the most authentic, a reference to other Ramlilas. The It last for 31 days over a 10 square mile area and the 9th deay is a sad one as Ram is going into exile for 14 years in the forest. It is still the largest play to be produced in the world .(Photo by Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images)